Looking to save money wherever possible? Energy efficient lighting is one of several ways to do so

Choosing the right lighting scheme Remember, remember the 5th of November… Fireworks, sparklers and ‘Penny for the Guy’ – if today’s tech-savvy kids still stand on corners with a stuffed entity that is! There’s probably an augmented reality app for...
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How safe is your fire alarm and emergency lighting system?

There is no nice way of saying this. Fire kills – end of. This blunt statement may take you aback but a fire is one of the worst incidents to attack a domestic or commercial property. This life-threatening situation causes...
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Why now is a good time to carry out PAT testing

Phew, it’s almost the end of summer. The nights are drawing in and the days are getting shorter. Soon be Christmas … so why should PAT testing be on the agenda? As we head into autumn, thoughts turn not to...
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What’s a Thermographic Survey and why you need one?

A thermographic survey is a visual investigation, carried out by a qualified engineer, to detect abnormally high temperatures within an electrical installation. A higher than normal temperature indicates a problem within a system that could have serious consequences if allowed...
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Industries that require electrical testing

Industries For Electrical Testing  There is always a high demand for people trained in the trade of an electrician. As electrical testing is an important aspect of the job it is important that all electricians receive the correct training and...
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Electrical Maintenance Services and their Benefits

Electrical Maintenance Services Electricity plays a very important role in most homes and businesses as without it normal operation would be compromised. It is therefore an important requirement that should be kept in a good operating condition and up to...
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Is Electrical Safety on your Priority List?

Are your electrical systems endangering your business? Running a business is hard work and electrical safety is probably one of the last things on your to-do-list. You have to deal with tax, insurance, VAT, invoices, business rates, sales … and...
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The Role Of Fire Alarm Installers

What Fire Alarm Installers Offer The safety of the people and the assets in businesses is a very important today. There are electrical companies that provide fire alarm installers as part of their services. For many businesses it is important...
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Fire Alarm Installers

Reasons Why You Should Hire Fire Alarm Installers

The importance of fire alarm installers Businesses are an important property to protect and that is why you need to consider installing fire alarms on your business premises. The importance of these fire alarms is that they will notify you...
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What are Electrical Installation Condition Reports and why do they matter?

Nothing lasts forever and that includes electrical installations – even though we’d like them too. Electrical installations are subject to wear and tear in much the same way as you and I. Once they start to degrade, the risk of...
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