Need an Electrical Contractor in Derbyshire?

If you are a commercial or industrial business based in Derbyshire looking for an electrician that is experienced, qualified and reliable then look no further than One Way Electrical. Our electrical contractors in Derbyshire can undertake a variety of services...
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Electrical Services for New Businesses

The pandemic may have halted some industries for a while but with the government guidelines beginning to lift, many new businesses are making plans to progress their companies and start laying the groundwork for their vision. Whether you are renting...
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The Basics of Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Preventing accidents on a business premises is vital to ensuring staff and customer safety, protecting reputations and creating legal compliance. No business wants to think about accidents and injury but they do happen and planning for them using a variety...
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Call One Way for Lighting in Manchester

Although we are based in Stoke on Trent, our electricians offer their services out to the wider surrounding areas, including to the city of Manchester and the towns within. One of the most common services we offer is LED lighting...
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Call On Our Electrical Contractors Cheshire

One Way Electrical operate a fleet of electrical contractors in Cheshire who help businesses and commercial enterprises to serve their customers, sell products and provide services. No matter whether based in the cities of Warrington or Chester or in the...
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Let Our Fire Alarms Installers Take the Heat

Protecting against fire is one of the major priorities of business owners with people, assets and livelihoods to preserve. Fires are devastating forces that can tear through an entire life’s work in a matter of minutes and be extremely difficult...
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Our Qualifications: Electrical Contractors Derbyshire

If you’re looking for an electrical contractor in Derbyshire, knowing what sets apart the good from the bad is vital. As a business, it is also essential that you use a commercial or industrial specialist dependent on your sector so...
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Stay On Top of Emergency Lighting

Our emergency lighting installers know the importance of businesses keeping on top of their installations in order to ensure employee safety, health and safety compliance and to maintain the investment they have already made in the system. All too often,...
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Get Ready to Return to Work

Although for many commercial and industrial businesses a return to work is still a far away prospect, being ready and prepared for when the time comes can make the transition smoother. While some have been back in previously and others...
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How our Electrical Contractors in Stoke Spot Problems

Problems in electrical systems can be extremely dangerous and where businesses are concerned, faults can cause enormous disruption. Faulty wiring or broken-down machinery can cause a business to close in order to protect customers and employees from serious harm. Although...
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