Invest in Safety with Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire safety is of great concern to business owners, with your company and the entire workforce to protect from the dangers of a blaze. Fire alarm systems are a legal requirement in commercial properties and are a major investment, playing...
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How We Can Help with New Year’s Business Resolutions

January is a time where businesses reflect on the year gone by and try to build on their previous successes, by evaluating what they can do differently. Like any new year’s resolutions, action needs to be taken and changes made,...
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Electrician Stoke On Trent

Saving Energy Over Christmas

From PC’s to fridges, office equipment accounts for around 15% of electrical energy usage in the UK and many businesses leave these electrical devices on over the festive period. Our electrical contractors in Staffordshire are eager to encourage businesses to...
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internal led lighting

Switch Your Warehouse Lighting in Stoke

Of all the electricity used in the United Kingdom, about 20% is consumed by lighting with non-domestic lighting being responsible for the production of 24 million tonnes of C02 per year! When businesses operate out of industrial sites and warehouses,...
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Types of LED Lighting Control

LED lighting controls are a means by which business can reduce their energy consumptions and costs, by adapting to the environment and turning off or dimming unnecessary lights. There are several different forms of LED Lighting control which offer greater...
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Reduce Consumption & Costs with Controls

Lighting is one of the single biggest energy expenses that a company will face, with around 20% of energy consumed by these installations. While energy consumption is inevitable, attempts to reduce it can be beneficial both financially and environmentally. Whatever...
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external led lighting

Winterproof Your Lighting

Now that winter has arrived, the clocks have gone back and the days are shorter, having ample light at business premises is extremely important at this time of year. By properly illuminating dark areas with and maintaining LED lighting in...
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Explaining Thermographic Surveys in Derbyshire

A thermographic survey should form part of all businesses regular maintenance schedule to help identify areas of concern and to pre-empt any necessary electrical maintenance issues. By using a thermal imaging camera, our trained engineers can identify abnormally high temperatures...
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What Goes into Electrical Containment Work?

Electrical containment work is an important part of installing a businesses’ electrical infrastructure, with cable containment responsible for supporting cables, providing easy maintenance access and to make installations neat and aesthetically pleasing. Here at One Way Electrical we use many...
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Fire Alarm Systems Stoke

Fire Alarm Maintenance – A Guide

When it comes to protecting your business, it’s vital that they abide by compliance measures in their electrical installations. Besides installing the appropriate measures it’s equally vital that your business maintains compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines that are in...
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