pat testing of extension cord

Why is PAT Testing Important?

Keeping your employees safe while at work is a fundamental part of running a business. From large corporations and commercial enterprises, to start-ups and educational facilities, all workplaces are required by law to follow the Electricity at Work Act 1989....
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Cable ladder containment system

Which Cable Containment Is Right for My Business?

As part of the Power Distribution Systems that we offer at One Way Electrical, Cable Containment is vital to ensure that live wires are out of reach and out of sight. Having a neat system of Cable Containment for your...
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Electrical contractor working on electrical distribution

Power Distribution Design, Installation & Maintenance

At One Way Electrical, we understand the importance of a reliable source of power for your business in Staffordshire. For the past 30 years, our skilled electrical engineers have been designing and installing bespoke Power Distribution Systems to meet the...
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Electrical power data logger attached to mains

Electrical Load Monitoring in Stoke

With the cost of electricity frequently rising, many businesses are taking further steps to ensure that they are not being overcharged by their facility for power usage. At One Way Electrical in Stoke, our Electrical Load Monitoring projects can give...
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Electrical components arranged on a technical drawing

Maintaining Your Fire Alarm

At OneWay Electrical, we understand the importance of maintaining electrical systems. We never just leave our job at the installation stage – we also offer maintenance services to ensure your systems are kept up to date and functioning properly. Fire...
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A path leading through a green forest full of tall trees

Is LED Lighting Eco-Friendly?

LED lighting is commonplace in businesses of all kinds, but so is a move towards ensuring every action taken benefits the environment for both the genuine preservation of our earth and the reputation of your business. As a fellow green-thinking...
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fire alarm systems graphic

Expert Fire Alarm Installation

Whether your business is brand new, you’ve recently changed buildings or you’re upgrading the safety measures you have in place, fire alarms are one of the first steps you take. A fire is a serious incident that could not only...
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Emergency exit sign

Emergency Lighting Experts

Emergency lighting has been around for longer than you might think, and its importance has never dwindled. We not only provide emergency lighting in Stoke and surrounding areas, but we also design the right emergency lighting for your specific environment....
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thermograpic survey on house

What is a Thermographic Survey?

A thermographic survey as conducted by One Way Electrical is an efficient, non-invasive way of procuring relevant information in regard to the state of your electrical systems. As the name suggests, this method involves utilising thermal imaging technology with the...
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fire exit sign

Local Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting is an essential aspect of businesses across the United Kingdom, ensuring your customers and workforce are able to locate the exits safely and efficiently in the event of an emergency. For local emergency lighting installation services in Staffordshire,...
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