thermograpic survey on house

What is a Thermographic Survey?

A thermographic survey as conducted by One Way Electrical is an efficient, non-invasive way of procuring relevant information in regard to the state of your electrical systems. As the name suggests, this method involves utilising thermal imaging technology with the...
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fire exit sign

Local Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting is an essential aspect of businesses across the United Kingdom, ensuring your customers and workforce are able to locate the exits safely and efficiently in the event of an emergency. For local emergency lighting installation services in Staffordshire,...
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Green emergency exit sign on black background

Local Emergency Lighting Installation & Maintenance

Electrical contractors at One Way Electrical are your local emergency lighting installation and maintenance service team. With years of experience under our belts, as well as a catalogue of happy customers, you can rest assured that your emergency lighting will...
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fire alarm systems graphic

Don’t Cut Corners with Fire Alarm Maintenance in Cheshire

Fire alarms are integral to homes and businesses across the UK, and a properly maintained system can ensure longevity and save lives. We regularly design, install, and maintain these systems in order to ensure the safety and budgets of our...
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One Way Electrical contractors in safety gear working on the mains

Experienced Distribution System Installers

The team at One Way Electrical are experienced designers and installers of mains distribution systems. A properly installed distribution system ensures the safety and integrity of the building and inhabitants. As part of the process, we undertake a rigorous process...
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Large empty process hall with new LED lights

LED Lighting Installation in Derbyshire

As we move into a more environmentally conscious landscape, especially in the world of business, updating existing outdated lighting systems can make a world of difference. By undertaking an LED lighting installation, you can see your energy usage and cost...
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Mains Distribution and Cable Containment

Cable containment systems are installed automatically as part of any installation of your new mains distribution system. Cable containment means safety, security, and orderliness for the wires that make up the electrical system of your buildings or site. Cable containment,...
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Emergency Lighting Systems graphic

Maintaining Emergency Lighting

Proper maintenance of emergency lighting is essential to the running of businesses across the UK, ensuring staff, visitors, and customers can all rest assured that their safety has been considered. Ensure you comply with regulations in a practical and logical...
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man in yellow vest holding clip board

Safety with a Smile

The team of electrical contractors here at One Way Electrical are on hand to provide safety with a smile when it comes to the proper installation and maintenance of fire alarms and more in Staffordshire. Fire Alarms Fire alarms are...
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Energy Saving Designs in Staffordshire

In a landscape centred around a growing culture of dedication to energy efficient practices, there has never been a better time to look into revamping your workplace with LEDs. Our expert and experienced team of electrical contractors are on hand...
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