Mains Distribution and Cable Containment

Cable containment systems are installed automatically as part of any installation of your new mains distribution system. Cable containment means safety, security, and orderliness for the wires that make up the electrical system of your buildings or site.

Cable containment, in short, is essential. It is an essential element to what comprises the quality workmanship of our team as well as your safety. Developing a new mains distribution system is our bread and butter, but it also has the potential to be dangerous, therefore it is essential all measures are taken to ensure the proper security and safety of individuals before, during, and years after the system has been completed.

Preventing wires from becoming tangled, cable containment reduces the risk of damage to the wires, sparks, and even tripping. So, don’t cut any corners: the professionals at One Way Electrical are on hand to provide high quality service that leaves you with peace of mind.

Electrical Contractors

As electrical contractors based in Stoke, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible. Therefore, we provide services revolving around the design, installation, and maintenance of fire alarms, emergency lighting, and more. Comprehensive services are what we do best at One Way Electrical.

One Way Electrical

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