Lighting Level Installation

Home Lighting Level Installation

It is essential that lighting level installation is undertaken with care by trained professionals with a design [link to lighting level design page] plan. From warehouses to car showrooms, One Way Electrical is on hand to ensure your lighting installation is completed to specification and within budget. We regularly conduct Installations of LED systems, emergency lighting, high bay / low bay lighting, and more. With a comprehensive understanding of how to maximise comfort and productivity, our team will be able to outline where your new lighting will be most effective.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting installations are a sure path to cutting your carbon footprint in comparison to traditional lighting methods. These fixtures will promote comfort, well-being, productivity, and a drastic reduction in your energy bill.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is an essential part of industrial and commercial businesses across the UK. Our team of electrical contractors are able to highlight where our lighting would work best, whilst working within your budget.

High Bay / Low Bay Warehouse Installations

All types of industrial lighting applications are installed, including:

  • High Bay Lighting – LED upgrades from HQI and SON lamp versions
  • Low Bay Lighting – LED upgrades from HQI and SON lamp versions
  • LED external area flood lighting – Building and Column mounted
  • LED aisle fittings
  • EXE Hazardous area lighting
  • Presence/Absence detection sensor

Anti-Corrosive Lighting

Anti-corrosive lights are dust proof, waterproof, and shock resistant. These fixtures are ideal for warehouse, factory, workshop, and car park installations.

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