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LED Lighting Design

When you opt for LED lighting, you probably want to know what it will look like first. At One Way Electrical a full LED lighting design and report is produced showing lux levels, power consumption, and 3D views with furniture layouts. An example of a 3D computerised LED lighting design can be provided on request.

Financial Benefits

On completion of the design, a typical payback summary showing the current consumption against the proposed scheme can be provided. This will allow you to fully understand the financial benefits of your exact design if it were to be installed.

Outdated lighting in a large commercial or industrial building can be responsible for up to 80% of the onsite electricity usage. As a pure financial investment, energy saving lighting provides a quick, guaranteed return – 12-24 months is typical, with less than 12 months being possible.


There are several fantastic reasons to have LED lighting designs drawn up for your business, especially when it comes to finances and productivity:

  • New LED lights can provide 5-10 operational years between lamp changes.
  • Improve staff productivity.
  • More comfortable working.
  • Full light brightness instantly (no warm-up or restrike time).
  • Address existing health & safety issues.
  • Ensure CIBSE lighting levels guidelines are met.

Environmental Benefits

Another good reason for having the LED lighting designs drawn up for your business also include the environmental benefits. These benefits include:

  • Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and a carbon reduction strategy to supply chains and customers.
  • New energy efficient, long-life lamps require less frequent replacement, producing less waste.
  • The quick return on investment ensures that new lighting is a convincing first step to take as part of a wider sustainability initiative or environment strategy for a business.

Free Site Survey

At One Way Electrical we offer a free LED Lighting Assessment Survey. We will highlight areas in which you could be reducing energy costs, saving your business money, and assisting in reducing your carbon footprint. This is where we will collate all the required information for your LED lighting design.

Our detailed survey includes the following:

  • Identify existing lighting and controls.
  • Provide a detailed design ensuring the correct levels of lighting for your business environment.
  • Detailed report showing existing and proposed LED lighting costs.
  • Detailed payback period calculation.
  • Comparisons between LED and T5 fittings.


Funding to assist with the initial outlay cost to design and upgrade your lighting systems is regularly available. Information can be provided on request.

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