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Use of the right lighting can be key to improving the energy usage of a building and the well-being of the people working inside. Did you know up to 40% of a building’s electrical use is accounted for by lighting, and that the right level and quality of light can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the people working under them?

One Way Electrical design and install energy efficient LED Lighting across Stoke, Staffordshire and throughout the UK for commercial & industrial clients. From warehouses and factories, to waste recycling facilities, offices, churches, retail outlets, vehicle showrooms and external carparks; led lighting systems result in a much-reduced energy usage. LED lighting installation makes perfect business sense; it saves money, enhances corporate reputation, improves the working environment and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

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Free Site Survey Available

At One Way Electrical we offer a free LED Lighting Assessment Survey. We will highlight areas in which you could be reducing energy costs, saving your business money and assisting in reducing your carbon footprint.

One Way Electrical can help your organisation ensure your LED lighting systems are as efficient as possible. Our detailed site survey introduces the main energy-saving opportunities in this area.

Our detailed survey includes the following;

  • Identify existing lighting and controls.
  • Provide a detailed design ensuring the correct levels of lighting for your business environment.
  • Provide a detailed report showing existing and proposed LED lighting costs.
  • Provide a detailed payback period calculation.
  • Comparisons between LED and T5 fittings if required.

Our report will also offer assistance in any application for energy efficient funding opportunities your business may be seeking. We are more than happy to offer free advice with regards to your application.

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LED Lighting Design / Payback Calculations

A full design and report is produced showing Lux levels, Power consumption and even 3D views with furniture layouts, doors and windows. Here is an example of a 3D computerised Lighting design with room layout showing a proposed lighting installation that can be provided on request.

A typical payback summary showing the current consumption against the proposed scheme

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LED Lighting Installation

Any size of led lighting installation can be undertaken by our teams of installers. All our Engineers are 17th Edition qualified electricians with knowledge and experience working in the lighting industry.

No need to worry about access problems, we will arrange all this from the small step up podiums right up to heights in excess of 12 metres where Mobile Elevate Platforms are used. All our staff are IPAF trained in the use of these machines.

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Financial benefits

  • Outdated lighting in a large commercial or industrial building can be responsible for up to 80% of the onsite electricity usage
  • As a pure financial investment, energy saving lighting provides a quick, guaranteed return – 12-24 months is typical, with less than 12 months being possible
  • The savings made by new energy efficient LED lighting is typically the single biggest cut in electricity consumption (and carbon footprint) in one single step – up to 80% is possible, with every penny saved contributing directly to net profit

Operational benefits

  • Outdated lighting in a large commercial or industrial building can be responsible for the majority of the onsite electricity usage. Up to 80% of this energy could be being wasted needlessly through inefficient lighting equipment
  • The cost and disruption of maintaining an existing lighting system can be reduced dramatically. Replacing lamps at high mounting heights may involve hiring expensive lifting equipment and/or contractors. New lights can provide 5-10 operational years between lamp changes.
  • Improved staff productivity and a more comfortable working environment can be achieved when areas are lit brightly enough and/or given a more suitable “quality” of light for the work being undertaken (white, daylight quality for visual inspection etc.). Other benefits include the ability to get full light brightness instantly (no warm-up or restrike time)
  • New lighting can address existing health & safety issues such as: ensuring that CIBSE lighting levels guidelines are met, eliminating dimness in dangerous working areas, lowering existing glare, replacing the risks associated with older, unsafe electrical equipment etc. This can protect a business against liability and bring a site up to scratch as an example of best practice

Environmental benefits

  • A business will be able to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and a carbon reduction strategy to supply chains and customers. New LED lighting also has the advantage of being a very “visual” demonstration of an onsite energy reduction project
  • New energy efficient, long life lamps require much less frequent replacement, producing less waste. This makes it easier for a business to ensure compliance with ever tighter environmental regulations (e.g. the WEEE initiative, requiring specialist disposal)
  • The quick return on investment ensures that new lighting is a convincing first step to take as part of a wider sustainability initiative or environment strategy for a business

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Funding to assist with the initial outlay cost to upgrade your lighting systems is regularly available. Information can be provided on request.

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