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One Way Electrical design services underpin every single installation we put our names to. Using our extensive experience in the commercial and industrial markets, our electrical contractors can tailor our designs to each individual client, ensuring that the systems can meet and exceed requirements. During the design stage, our electrical engineers work in conjunction with business owners, architects, building managers and project conveyancers to come up with electrical solutions that are in line with company goals, create attainable deadlines and work within budget.

With years of experience across different industries and a wealth of accreditations to support our commitment to health and safety, our team are familiar with the legal guidelines put upon businesses to ensure safety with electrical installations and design systems to be compliant to the most recent legislation. By choosing One Way Electrical for electrical design services, businesses can rest assured that their interests are being looked after, standards are extremely high and quality is assured.

Oneway Electrical’s Electrical Design Services include:

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Energy efficient lighting design improves the light quality for your staff, and significantly reduces your company’s energy bills. Systems can be designed for entire buildings or a set area and can incorporate both internal and external lighting. By improving lighting quality and using low-cost LED’s businesses can look forward to better productivity and cheaper energy bills than non-energy efficient systems.

Lighting Level Design

Specialist lighting design services for office structures, car showrooms, and other places of business in which lighting design is required. By tailoring our designs to the parameters of the building, the necessary light levels and industry legislation we ensure safety, sophistication and smooth operation of business.

Fire System Services

Enjoy peace of mind and fulfil your legal liability with comprehensive, fail-proof and safe fire alarm systems designed to protect the business, it’s assets and its workforce. Which sort of system is required will largely depend on the size, industry and number of staff the business has, but with our experts at the helm, you can sit back and relax as we design a system that is legally compliant based on your needs.

Main Distribution Systems

Equip your building with modern, safe and legal mains distribution your workforce / tenants can count on, no matter how large their power requirements. Whether you’ve obtained a new premises with a system that cannot meet your demands, or you are acquiring land to expand upon a goods mains distribution system is key to the start-up and smooth running of business for years to come.

Cable Containments Systems

Keep your workplace safe, tidy, energy efficient and up to health and safety codes with our specialised cable containment system design. Cable containment systems can be installed as a stand alone service to cover exposed wiring, or can form part of our other services such as data cabling and mains distribution systems.

Emergency Lighting Services

Meet fire safety legislation and keep your workforce safe at all times with our professional emergency lighting design and installation. Designed to keep everyone safe and with systems tailored to the layout and activities at the premises, they minimise accidents and show emergency exits clearly.