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When you choose One Way Electrical to design and install a mains distribution system, we also carry out cable containment work as part of the process. Our installations carry power from the national grid and into the high voltage switchboard panel, then into the low voltage panel board, before being distributed to various areas in the building.

Distribution of power in this way requires wiring, cabling and switchboard installation and our cable containment systems cover and protect the electronic systems, ensuring that live wires are out of reach and out of sight for safety and neatness.

Cable containment systems come in many forms and our electrical contractors in Staffordshire are adept at recognising the most appropriate solutions for individual systems. Some of the containments solutions we use are cable ladders, trays, trunking and conduit and these installations can come in a range of shapes, grades and sizes to suit your power distribution system. Our cable containment designs can be made up of various components or our experienced contractors are able to provide bespoke fabrication on site when installing a system.

Cable Containment Components

Cable Ladder & Cable Trays – These installations are employed to contain wiring from the low voltage distribution switch room and is called a ladder as it has various slotted rails with a ladder like appearance. From the LV switch room, cable trays are then installed to transport the energy to its end location, be it an office, warehouse, retail space, hospital, salon or other commercial area.

Wire Baskets – These elements of cable containment work are like cable trays but are lighter and less durable so are better suited to lighter cabling. Disguising data cabling is the primary reason that a wire basket would be employed as part of an electrical installation.

Conduit – made from either PVC or Steel, conduit is length of robust tubes that protect and route electrical wiring around different areas within a commercial premise. Depending on the requirements of the electrical containment work, our electrical contractors can source rigid and flexible varieties.

Trunking Variants – Trunking can refer to many different types of cable containment. There is mini and maxi trunking which refers to PVC and rectangular trunking that is often used for data cabling or fibre cabling. The second most frequently used type of trunking is called compartment trunking which is used in installations that require a bit of discretion in design. Often, they come with at least 2 compartments, hence the name, and are disguised as skirting, dado rails and cornices.