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One Way Electrical has established it’s home in Staffordshire and has great links to both the bustling city centre of Stoke on Trent as well as the more rural companies situated in the Moorlands and in the Peak District. We’re well positioned to serve the industrial businesses, storage facilities, manufacturing hubs and production facilities that are situated throughout the county providing electrical design, installation and maintenance and bringing our extensive industrial experience to every project. Additionally, we can service other commercial sectors including retail, hospitality and office based businesses with the same level of high quality electrical services.

One Way Electrical are qualified and experienced electrical contractors in Staffordshire, based in Stoke on Trent offering a range of electrical services to the local area. Whether businesses are in need of design, installation and maintenance packages for a range of installations and applications from fire alarm systems to LED lighting. Whatever the electrical problem, our team are able to provide a bespoke solution that is uniquely tailored to the specific requirements of the company. Project managing every job from conception to completion, we pride ourselves on the very highest quality customer experience.

LED Lighting / Energy Efficient Lighting

We have been supplying LED lighting in Stoke and Staffordshire to a huge range of industrial and commercial businesses not limited to shops, offices, car showrooms and waste management centres. Over the years we have competed our led lighting installations in Stoke and Staffordshire that take on many forms including internal and external lighting. Whatever your industry, our LED lighting design in Staffordshire ensures that all of your needs are met, taking into account all factors and creating a totally bespoke solution for your business.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting installations in Stoke, Staffordshire help to protect staff and customers by ensuing that hazardous areas are well lit, escape routes are marked and that the premises are as protected as possible. Just like all of our services, our emergency lighting design for Staffordshire businesses is totally bespoke and based on the unique needs of the company.

By ensuring you are complying with the law, and having emergency lighting maintenance carried out by qualified professionals, you can further enhance the protection you offer as a business and legally protect the company from repercussions. Our emergency lighting maintenance in Stoke ensures that backup power supplies are working as intended, fittings are functioning and wiring is adequate as a bare minimum.

Fire Alarms

One Way Electrical are fire alarm installers in Staffordshire and use a variety of suppliers to provide tailored systems for commercial and industrial businesses. How many we install will depend on what our site survey uncovers and is largely based on the size of the premises, risk assessment, industry ad company size.

We are also able to offer fire alarm maintenance in Stoke and Staffordshire and our team are qualified to carry out routine testing and make necessary changes to a system or retrofit a new system if circumstances change.

Electric Load Monitoring in Cheshire

Our electrical load monitoring in Stoke can be employed to  help businesses who are looking at expanding their electrical network, or who want to ensure that their energy bills are correct, by identifying high consumers, monitoring energy flow through systems and creating a conclusive report.

PAT Testing

One of the many maintenance packages we can offer to businesses is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), which tests all onsite electrical items, from printers to heavy-duty machinery. Under the Electricity at Work Act, employers have a responsibility to protect employees from harm from electrical installations and thus PAT testing is frequently required.

Thermographic Surveys

Our Thermographic surveys in Staffordshire help businesses to identify faults or imperfections in their electrical systems by detecting areas of heat using thermographic imaging software. Part of an ongoing maintenance plan, these tests are ideal for companies with older installations or who may be suspicious of a fault somewhere on the premises.

Mains Distribution

Our team can design & install mains distribution systems in Stoke, whether they are part of a new enterprise or being retrofit into an existing building. This is a complex discipline that electrifies businesses and carries electricity from the transmission system around buildings, ensuring that each consumer is fed adequately and safely.

Cable containment & Data cabling

Our Cable containment services  form part of our mains distribution and data cabling installations, both of which can be contained discreetly safely and conscientiously. By using trunking, ladders and other methods of carrying wires through a premise, we ensure that the electricals are out of sight, out of mind and not posing any risk to clients, staff and customers.

To enquire about any of our services, call our electrical contractors in Manchester on 01782 595 600 today.