The county of Cheshire is home to a diverse commercial network and is home to industrial towns like Warrington and Crewe as well as more agricultural companies across places like The Wirral and The Peak District. Such a diverse county has a plethora of businesses ranging from large corporations like Bentley through to small firms and offices in more remote locations, One Way Electrical can meet the needs of businesses in Cheshire, no matter their size, industry or responsibilities. With design, installation and maintenance of electrical at the heart of our skillset we can help enhance businesses with LED lighting, ongoing electrical maintenance, fire alarm testing and data cabling to name but a few of the services on offer.

One Way Electricals’ electrical contractors in Cheshire provide extensive and comprehensive, electrical design installation and maintenance services across the area. Our electrical contractors in Cheshire can undertake a huge variety of tasks and can see projects through from conception to completion and beyond. We pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail and our commitment to stellar customer service and like to go above and beyond for all of the commercial and industrial clients we take on board.

Fire Alarm Installers Cheshire

One Way Electrical are fire alarm installers in Cheshire that can provide a variety of commercial solutions, including addressable systems. The rules and regulation surrounding the types and number of alarms needed are dependent on business size, risk assessment and industry, all of which we can determine using our experience, ensuring businesses premises are safeguarded against fires. As expert installers of fire alarms in Cheshire, we complete a meticulous site survey before completing a design so that we can ensure your business is protected from risk and is abiding to the law.

Fire Alarm Maintenance Cheshire

Providing fire alarm maintenance in Cheshire, our team of electrical contractors are qualified to carry out routine testing and can make necessary changes to a system or retrofit a new system if circumstances change. How much fire alarm maintenance is required differs from premises to premises and is largely based on the factors of the business, including how many fire escape there are, the system they have in place, the danger of the building and the size of the workforce.

LED Lighting / Energy Efficient Lighting

Our team are renowned for our varied range of lighting services, which encompasses LED lighting design in Cheshire for shops, showrooms, offices, building complexes, warehouses, factories and more.

Whether it is a single room, multiple premises or even large project, our LED lighting installation in Cheshire is available to businesses of all sizes and sectors and ensures that it meets and exceeds the needs of the premises, providing bright clean light most cost-effectively.

Once our team have installed LED’s, we can offer a range of ongoing LED lighting maintenance packages to Cheshire businesses, so that they can rest assured their installation is always up to date, functional and is well maintained.

Emergency Lighting

Our lighting services also include emergency lighting installation in Cheshire and regular testing to go with it. A requirement by law, all business premises require emergency lighting at some level, even if it just denotes the nearest exit. As part of safety strategy to protect employees, these lights need to be able to run when the power is out and as a result, require regular testing to keep ensure the battery is working at capacity. We too can offer emergency lighting testing in Cheshire, whether or not we fitted the original lights.

Mains Distribution

Our team can design & install mains distribution systems to carry electricity from the transmission system around the premises of business safely and efficiently. This increasingly complex discipline requires a specialist to carry out and our commercial and industrial contractors have the industry experience to design a system that delivers for years to come.

Cable containment & Data cabling

Cable containment comes hand in hand with our mains distribution and data cabling services, both of which can be contained discreetly safely and conscientiously. No business wants messy wiring getting in the way of a pristine premises or endangering staff, so cable containment is an absolute must.

PAT Testing

One of the many maintenance packages we can offer to businesses is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), which tests all onsite electrical items, from printers to heavy-duty machinery. Under the Electricity at Work Act, employers have a responsibility to protect employees from harm from electrical installations and thus PAT testing is frequently required.

Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic surveys in Cheshire can help businesses to identify faults or imperfections in their electrical systems by detecting areas of heat using thermographic imaging software. Part of an ongoing maintenance plan, these tests are ideal for companies with older installations or who may be suspicious of a fault somewhere on the premises.

Electric Load Monitoring in Cheshire

Our electrical load monitoring in Cheshire is on hand to help businesses who are looking at expanding their electrical network, or who want to ensure that their energy bills are correct.

To enquire about any of our services, call our electrical contractors in Cheshire on 01782 595 600 today.

As experienced electricians, we provide cable containment in conjunction with any service that requires concealed cables to be carried from one place to another. We complete data cabling to bring businesses internet access and use containment to safely carry wires from lighting, machinery or any other installation.


Electric Load Monitoring in Cheshire

Electric load monitoring is one of our maintenance packages that surveys the flow of electricity through a building, using specialist equipment. This service provides a report and a set of data for businesses to assess that show any surges, high consumers and potential defects in a system, which can help companies control bills or make informed decisions about expanding their electrical installations.

PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing needs to be undertaken regularly by businesses to ensure the safety of the appliances they work with. Everything from telephones to large scale industrial machinery requires an electrical inspection and our team can survey every class of appliance as part of our commitment to electrical safety.

Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic surveys in Derbyshire use thermal imaging technology to identify ‘hotspots’ in an electrical system, which can be useful in detecting otherwise invisible faults.

To enquire about any of our services, call our electrical contractors in Derbyshire on 01782 595 600 today.