Derbyshire is our bordering county and is just a short drive away from our HQ and is home to large towns and cities like Derby, Matlock and Buxton as well as smaller villages and rural places like Edale, Dovedale and Swadlincote in the Peak District. With industrial, rural and modern businesses in Derbyshire, One Way Electrical can provide design, installation and maintenance of a range of electricals. From fire alarms and emergency lighting through to data cabling and mains distribution there’s no job too small or too big for our team of qualified and experienced electrical contractors in Derbyshire.

Bordering our home county, our electrical contractors serve Derbyshire and the towns and cities within, with our extensive range of electrical services. As commercial and industrial specialists, businesses and factory owners can call us with any electrical design, installation or maintenance query and we can discuss at length our project processes and your unique requirements.

LED Lighting / Energy Efficient Lighting

Our electrical contractors in Derbyshire can provide an extensive range of lighting services, ensuring we tailor each project to meet the needs of the client.

Our LED lighting installations in Derbyshire are suitable for a wide range of applications including in offices, showrooms, shops, food production environments, recycling centres and storage centres, but there really are no limitations on businesses that can benefit from these energy saving bulbs.

Emergency Lighting Installation Derbyshire

In the scope of our lighting services is our emergency lighting installation for Derbyshire companies which ensures that the premise is as safe as possible for all employees and site visitors. By illuminating hazardous areas and emergency escapes, businesses can meet their legal obligations under the health and safety at work act.

Our team also provide emergency lighting testing in Derbyshire on systems that we installed and systems from other providers.

Fire Alarms

We provide a range of fire alarm services including system design, installation and maintenance to the Derbyshire area. Using our extensive experience and vast industry knowledge, we can create a tailored system using the highest quality components that protect businesses from the risk of fire all year round.

Mains Distribution

Every premises requires a mains distribution system to carry electricity from the transmission system, around the building and to the individual sockets and equipment. Our contractors can design and fit these complex systems for commercial and industrial customers regardless of how much electricity is required.


Cable containment & Data cabling

As experienced electricians, we provide cable containment in conjunction with any service that requires concealed cables to be carried from one place to another. We complete data cabling to bring businesses internet access and use containment to safely carry wires from lighting, machinery or any other installation.

Electric Load Monitoring in Derbyshire

Electric load monitoring is one of our maintenance packages that surveys the flow of electricity through a building, using specialist equipment. This service provides a report and a set of data for businesses to assess that show any surges, high consumers and potential defects in a system, which can help companies control bills or make informed decisions about expanding their electrical installations.

PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing needs to be undertaken regularly by businesses to ensure the safety of the appliances they work with. Everything from telephones to large scale industrial machinery requires an electrical inspection and our team can survey every class of appliance as part of our commitment to electrical safety.

Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic surveys in Derbyshire use thermal imaging technology to identify ‘hotspots’ in an electrical system, which can be useful in detecting otherwise invisible faults.

To enquire about any of our services, call our electrical contractors in Derbyshire on 01782 595 600 today.