How Often Do I Need To Have My CCTV And Security Maintained in Stoke?

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Tips For Stoke On Trent Residents – How Often Do I Need To Have My CCTV And Security Maintained?

Having CCTV is a great way to give your private property or business place an additional level of protection. That being said, it’s not simply a case of purchasing the equipment, then never thinking about it again! Like so many things in life, CCTV and security systems need maintenance! In fact, having your CCTV maintained regularly is like raising your insurance cover to premium, rather than having the rock bottom policy.

So how often do you need to have your CCTV and security maintained in Stoke on Trent? Here comes a quick guide.

In general, maintenance of your CCTV and security systems will fall under three categories, as noted below:

– Planned Maintenance
– User Maintenance
– Service Call Maintenance.

Let’s take a look at each of these maintenance types, one at a time.

Planned Maintenance

This is the routine service of your CCTV and security system. The company who installed your CCTV should have advised you how often this should take place. Their recommendation may depend on the use of your system, the locality and the actual system you choose. For example, you may be advised to schedule an annual planned maintenance, then again, factors may suggest that this should be more or less frequently.

If the company did not provide you with details on planned maintenance (or you have forgotten what they told you!), the best option is to give them a call. They will likely be more than happy to advise you when your next planned maintenance should take place and schedule a visit for you.

User Maintenance

When your CCTV and security system were installed, the company will have advised you on the area of basic electrical maintenance. This tends to be an easy step which you can take on a regular basis to keep your system in good shape. Hopefully, you will have made a note of these and carry them out at a specific time each week or month.

If you are unsure what you should be checking for, it’s better to speak with a professional and have them show you the basics of user maintenance. Such regular maintenance can significantly minimize the risk of expensive repair bills as problems can be caught in time, before they become big issues.

Service Call Maintenance

This is when you make a call to a CCTV professional due to an emergency situation. A few examples of such situations are outlined below:

– The camera lens has become obstructed
– The cables have become damaged
– Damage has been caused due to a thunder strike or power surge
– A software problem has occurred.

Certainly, having CCTV is an excellent way to protect your home or commercial premises. However, to make sure that protection reaches its full potential, be sure to have a regular maintenance program in place. Planned maintenance, user maintenance and service call maintenance all form part of a solid protection plan for your security system.